Money Secrets

20 02 2009

We had our ‘Money Secrets’ event today in Windsor! Some of the responses were interesting! One man thought we were insulting the Queen and others thought we were trying to sell something (it’s sad how sceptical the public can be!) But apart from that, we had a good time and got some really good feedback  so thanks to everyone who got involved! Here’s a photograph from the event. If you’d like to see more, visit our facebook group. Also, if you’re gutted you missed the chance to share a money secret, do add yours to this post! 🙂 Have you ever stolen any money or spent a ridiculous amount on something trivial? Let us know!



Poems with the Public

13 02 2009

We had out ‘Poems with the Public’ today in both Kingston and on the Royal Holloway campus and had a good response, with lots of different views, words, poetry and pictures – it was great to see people getting involved! So thanks everyone! 😀

Some of the pictures from the Kingston event are posted below (If you want to see more, visit out Facebook group ——>).


Still want to be part of something? Our next event, ‘Money Secrets’ is NEXT Friday in Staines and Windsor, so keep a look out

Public Prose

10 02 2009

Using at least one of the words listed below, choose a sentence structure and then write us a sentence (or two!)!

Here are the sentence structures:

  • 1) One day…
  • 2) He/She said…
  • 3) This caused him/ her to…
  • 4) And consequently…

And here are the words:

Money, dosh, cash, recession, love, sadness, wealth, rich, hardship, job, nothing, employment, occupation, fiver, tenner, pound, euro, rubbish, happy, want, beautiful, despair, hope, stock exchange, ambition, destroy, transition, blame, calm, problem, wallet, bills, spending, cost, waste, credit card, bank, purse, hate, government, public, global, crisis, house, taxes, pension, help, shop, savings, interest, inflation, sales, panic, consequences, redundant, running, screaming, crying, losing, wanting, selling, cutting, killing, suit, briefcase, striking, loan, debit, waiting, bad, horrible, devastating, helpless, huge, stop, risky, overwhelming, apathy, unexpected, unbearable, scary, hideously, holiday, trash, job, crash, boss, employee, poverty, eviction, objects, repossession, luxury, car, posh, homeless, mortgage, overdue.

Please put the number of the sentence structure you’ve chosen along with the words from the list in CAPITALS.

Here’s an example of something you might write:

3) It was with his last FIVER that he then decided to buy those flowers he’d seen in the SHOP window.

Other than that, go wild and use your imagination! : )

Money Secrets

9 02 2009

If you could spend your money on ANYTHING, what would it be? Have you ever bought something you’re utterly ashamed or embarrassed by? What do you dream about doing? Look out for our team in Staines and Windsor on Friday the 20th of February to share YOUR Money Secrets!


9 02 2009

We want to see some pictures, some photographs of how you use, or WOULD use your money! So please post us your photographs!- What was the last thing you bought? What do you consider as PRICELESS? If you had alll the money in the world, what would YOU buy? Please post along with your name, occupation and location!


If I had all the money in the world, I would buy THIS room! Sarah, Student, Wiltshire

Fiver Flashmob!

9 02 2009
Time for the big event! On Saturday the 28th of February we will be hosting a FLASHMOB event in Trafalgar Square between 1 and 2pm! So come along, write your thoughts, draw pictures and then carry on with your day!
What do YOU think about the recession? How does it make you feel? Depressed, elated, NOTHING? What are your plans? What do you think about money? Come let us know! 🙂  

Poems with the Public

4 02 2009
Students at Royal Holloway, University of London:
Let us know what you think and feel about the recession by popping along on the 13th (next Friday) between 12 and 3pm outside the Student’s Union at Royal Holloway. There will be a chance to write poetry and express yourself using images, shapes and materials, creating an inspiring collage and collection of concrete poems all about YOU! Will be great to see you there! 🙂