Public Prose

10 02 2009

Using at least one of the words listed below, choose a sentence structure and then write us a sentence (or two!)!

Here are the sentence structures:

  • 1) One day…
  • 2) He/She said…
  • 3) This caused him/ her to…
  • 4) And consequently…

And here are the words:

Money, dosh, cash, recession, love, sadness, wealth, rich, hardship, job, nothing, employment, occupation, fiver, tenner, pound, euro, rubbish, happy, want, beautiful, despair, hope, stock exchange, ambition, destroy, transition, blame, calm, problem, wallet, bills, spending, cost, waste, credit card, bank, purse, hate, government, public, global, crisis, house, taxes, pension, help, shop, savings, interest, inflation, sales, panic, consequences, redundant, running, screaming, crying, losing, wanting, selling, cutting, killing, suit, briefcase, striking, loan, debit, waiting, bad, horrible, devastating, helpless, huge, stop, risky, overwhelming, apathy, unexpected, unbearable, scary, hideously, holiday, trash, job, crash, boss, employee, poverty, eviction, objects, repossession, luxury, car, posh, homeless, mortgage, overdue.

Please put the number of the sentence structure you’ve chosen along with the words from the list in CAPITALS.

Here’s an example of something you might write:

3) It was with his last FIVER that he then decided to buy those flowers he’d seen in the SHOP window.

Other than that, go wild and use your imagination! : )