Here’s a list of our events coming up in the next few weeks!


  • POEMS WITH THE PUBLIC: Students at Royal Holloway, University of London: Let us know what you think and feel about the recession by popping along on the 13th (next Friday) between 12 and 3pm outside the Student’s Union at Royal Holloway. There will be a chance to write poetry and express yourself using images, shapes and materials, creating an inspiring collage and collection of concrete poems all about YOU! Will be great to see you there! THIS EVENT WILL ALSO BE HAPPENING IN KINGSTON AT ABOUT THE SAME TIME! So do come to that instead if you like 🙂


  • MONEY SECRETS: If you could spend your money on ANYTHING, what would it be? Have you ever bought something you’re utterly ashamed or embarrassed by? What do you dream about doing? Look out for our team in Staines and Windsor on Friday the 20th of February to share YOUR Money Secrets!



  • FIVER FLASHMOB: Time for the big event! What do YOU think about the recession? How does it make you feel? Depressed, elated, NOTHING? What are your plans? What do you think about money? Come let us know! On Saturday the 28th of February we will be hosting a FLASHMOB event in Trafalgar Square between 1 and 2pm! So come along, write your thoughts, draw pictures and then carry on with your day!

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