‘My Last Fiver – International Response to the Recession’ / ‘I Miei Ultimi Cinque Euro – Reazioni Internazionali alla Recessione’

4 02 2009

Hello people!

Welcome to the ‘My Last Fiver – International Response to the Recession’ project.

The aim of this blog is to gather as many points of view as possible on the recession, and this project particularly focuses on the international response to it.

What interests us is to know how each country is reacting to it. We would like you to be part of a big, international community exchanging thoughts and opinions about money nowadays. How is the current economical crisis affecting your life?

All you have to do is write a sentence telling us what you would do if you only had £ 5 left in your pockets and add your age, profession and country.

We thank you in advance for your help and collaboration, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Salve a tutti!

Benvenuti al progetto ‘I Miei Ultimi Cinque Euro – Reazioni Internazionali alla Recessione’.

Lo scopo di questo blog è di raccogliere più punti di vista possibili sulla recessione, e questo progetto si concentra in particolar modo sulla reazione internazionale.

Quello che ci interessa sapere è come ogni paese sta vivendo la crisi. Vorremmo rendervi parte di una grande comunità internazionale in cui scambiare pensieri e opinioni sull’economia oggi. Che impatto sta avendo la crisi economica sulla vostra vita?

Tutto quello che dovete fare è scrivere una frase su cosa fareste se vi fossero rimasti solo 5 euro nelle tasche e aggiungere la vostra età, professione e paese d’origine.

Vi ringraziamo in anticipo per la collaborazione e speriamo di sentire presto quello che avete da dire!



29 01 2009

Satirical poetry: Poetry can be a powerful vehicle for satire. The punch of an insult delivered in verse can be many times more powerful and memorable than that of the same insult, spoken or written in prose. The Romans had a strong tradition of satirical poetry, often written for political purposes. A very common, almost defining feature of satire is its strong vein of irony or sarcasm, but parody, burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing.

I’ve contributed the first two lines to this satirical poem in order to get you started. We’d like each person to contribute one line each. There is no specific syllable requirement.

Mr prime minister save us from this void

I’ve saved the world my dear civilian: you’ll soon be satisfied. (Student, Egham)


29 01 2009

Sonnet: A Shakespearean sonnet consists of 14 lines, each line contains ten syllables, and each line is written in iambic pentameter in which a pattern of a non-emphasized syllable followed by an emphasized syllable is repeated five times. The rhyme scheme in a Shakespearean sonnet is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, in which the last two lines are a rhyming couplet.

I’ve contributed the first two lines of this sonnet just to get you going. For this poem we’d like you to contribute one line each. Remember, the next line of this four line stanza must rhyme with the first line.

A superior sneer: wizened, revered

Papery purple silver green, grasping (Student, Egham)


29 01 2009

Haiku: is a form of Japanese poetry. Each stanza has three metrical phrases with the same pattern of syllables. 5 (first line), 7 (second line), and 5 (third or last line).

I’ve contributed the first stanza of this haiku just to get you started. Next we need another 5 syllable line in order to get the next stanza started. For this poem we’d like you to contribute one line each.

Earn more never stop

scrimping scraping saving: slave

to the paper pound. (Student, Egham)


With My Last Fiver I…

29 01 2009

What would you do with your last bit of money?

Write up to 150 words beginning with, “With My Last Fiver I…” along with your name, occupation and location, and let us know! 🙂

With my last fiver I would make a photo album. I’d choose my photos wisely, print them out, stick them in and write the captions, the memories of yesteryear, because before long it would all be changed. Without a mortgage or rent, I’d have nowhere to live, nowhere but those bygone days. Without food, I’d have nothing to eat, nothing to nourish me but those happy times. Without a drink, I’d be forever thirsty, but those solid reminders of what once was, would keep me going. Without electricity or petrol, I’d be stranded, but those smiling faces, I could always talk to.

So yes, with my last fiver I would make a photo album because without it, without money in this life, I’d never see my loved ones again.

Sarah, Student, Wiltshire



29 01 2009

Hi everyone!

Welcome to My Last Fiver! Please do look around, add your own thoughts, your writings and pictures and watch this space for new events and activities every week!

Unsure? Check out our goals on our ‘About Us’ page!


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